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Automation, time saving, and process optimization for the classroom

This site is dedicated to taking care of those pesky additional tasks that come with teaching so you can get get back to doing what you love. While this likely won’t get you out of faculty meetings, I hope it’s the next best thing.

Eliminate the monotonous and menial tasks so you can work less and teach more.

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Create impressive personalized reports instantly with Apps Scripts

Difficulty: Medium Cost: Free Time: 25 minutes For many teachers, there’s a very real tension between wanting to provide personalized feedback and attention and wanting to have personal time to avoid burnout. I am attempting to address some of this by greatly reducing the time it takes to provide personalized progress reports with grows and…

Use AI as your personal teaching assistant.

Difficulty: Easy Cost: Free to start Time: Negligible The term AI conjures very different connotations for different people. Some may worry it will lead to a future dystopia à la Terminator while others hope it will solve all the world’s problems. At its heart, AI is a field dedicated to using computers, and often machine…

Take 43 seconds to never type your email address again.

Difficulty: Easy Cost: Free Time: 43 Seconds This automation is one of the simplest ways you can possibly optimize your iPhone experience. I don’t like taking the time to type my email address on my phone, and I don’t like the idea that I might type it incorrectly on an important document. Because of this,…

Supercharge your homework and bell work procedures with iOS Shortcuts and IFTTT Part 1

Difficulty: Medium Cost: Free Time: 30-45 minutes For teachers, a quick and easy homework procedure is key for keeping students accountable without sacrificing instructional time. In the past, I’ve used checklists, stickers, stamps, and turn in baskets. This year, however, I intend to go fully digital and contactless. I’ve designed an iOS shortcut that drastically…


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Send personalized text messages to mass groups

Grade bubble sheets in seconds

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